Becks too young to be knighted: Caine

LONDON: Sir Michael Caine says soccer superstar David Beckham shouldn’t be knighted. The 73-year-old Oscar winner, who himself was honoured with a knighthood six years ago, thinks the ex-England captain is too young to be bestowed with the prestigious title.

He is quoted by Britain’s Daily Express newspaper as saying: “I don’t know about David Beckham being knighted. He’s a bit young. I wasn’t a Sir until I was 66, Sean Connery was 68 when he got his, Roger Moore was 75. How old is David? He’s about 30 — well he should at least wait until he’s 33 or 34. Get a bit mature!” Last week, David’s wife Victoria admitted she would love to believe the rumours that her sports star spouse is to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth, and thinks he would be a worthy recipient of the honour.