Being my true self

It really pays to be yourself. A few months ago, my best friend Adriana made me realise that being myself is the best character in this world.

She is a girl who really doesn’t care about what other people think or say about her. She is not the one to take gossips and rumours seriously. On the other hand, I always cared about what other people thought and said about me. If anyone said anything about my looks, I would change my looks the very next day. If they said my style was not cool, I changed it. I was not able to be myself. Adriana used to tell me that I shouldn’t bother about what other’s thought of me, but I didn’t listen to her. I even imitated Hillary Duff’s style once.

Once I had invited some popular girls of my school for my birthday. Adriana was there. One of the girls named Amy came and asked why I had invited that ‘uncool’ girl Adriana. I didn’t say a word in Adriana’s defence. Adriana told me that I hadn’t been myself for the last few days and when Amy and her friends insulted she cried in front of everybody.

But still I didn’t say anything. Adriana left the party and I was alone with the popular girls. That night I thought about what Adriana had said about me and I couldn’t sleep. I really was not myself anymore.

The next day at school, I grabbed Adriana’s hand and took her to Amy’s place and told Amy in front of everybody that this Adriana was my coolest friend.

After that incident I have realised that being myself is the most wonderful character in this whole world. I want to tell all people to be yourself and not to lose your dignity and individual style.