Belgium moved by Nepathya

KATHMANDU: For the Belgium-based Nepalis, it was a much awaited evening. People had travelled from Brussels, Leuven, St Truiden and all the way from Amsterdam and even Paris to attend the Nepathya show in Antrewpen on November 13. For more than 500 audience present at the Arenberg Auditorium, it was moment of mixed affair. The show which started with the showing of Nepathya videos —Samsajhaima and Yo Zindagani made the audience sentimental.

With the music video Sa Karnali, it was a fun moment to realise the beauty of the home nation. The 25-minute long rock ballad Ghatana based on the Maina Pokhari incident held the audience spellbound. “Irrespective of where we are, our love for the motherland should never fade. We are all Nepalis and Nepal is our mother. None of us should forget what the mother has given us,” said the frontman of Nepathya Amrit Gurung, adding, “No matter where we live, we all as Nepalis should live united.”

The audience was all praise for the show: “I wish all Nepali shows were like this” was a

common refrain heard after the show, which was organised by the Tamu Samaj. “This has been the best Nepali show in Belgium and may be in entire Europe” said Deepak Gurung, a long time Nepathya fan, who has lived in Belgium for 10 years.