Best pal of all

Our forefathers were very unlucky as they gained knowledge from either their own personal experiences or through the experiences of others, which were passed down from generation

to generation in the form of stories which were told and retold.

We are much more fortunate than our forefathers as we now possess the written language in a sophisticated form. There are innumerable books written in a wide variety of languages on an even greater variety of subjects. Books have now become people’s best companions.

To one who has tasted and relished the pleasure of reading, nothing can give more satisfaction. It is an activity which knows no limitations of age, sex, caste or creed. From the very young to the old, there are books to suit every taste. Reading is a pleasure which can be indulged in at any time. Neither does it require a special place or a suitable situation. We can read magazines at the breakfast table or we can read the paper while sipping one’s morning tea. One can lie on bed and read about the adventures of a character created by the writer’s imagination. The boredom of a journey can be neutralised in the company of a writer of one’s choice.

A man who enjoys reading can never be lonely.

A good book is likely to be read by every individual. It soothes strained nerves and relaxes tired minds. It transports the readers from his world of worries and problems to the world of fantasy. Those who do not read, do not know what are they missing. Books give us an opportunity to see and enjoy the world through the eyes and ears of others. They allow us to look at things as others see them. This in turn broadens our minds.

Reading increases our knowledge, widens our outlook and sharpens our wit. Almost all of the worldly pleasures involve some risks to our moral or physical selves, but reading does not include such type of harm or risk.

There are very few things in our life which are as enjoyable as reading a good book. Through books we experience the horrors and thrills of the past wars. We read about the achievements and failures of people. We identify ourselves with the hero or the heroine and share their pleasure, pain, weep and laugh with them, and even learn from their mistakes.

— Smriti Tuladhar, Class X, Triyog High School