Beyonce double fools art museum

VIENNA: A Vienna radio station has admitted that it sent a look-a-like of US pop star Beyonce as a prank to the Albertina Museum, which was angered after organising a personal tour, the APA news agency reported.

KroneHit radio said that the American star, who gave a concert in Vienna on Tuesday, was not aware that the station had hired the German look-a-like to walk around the Austrian capital.

Some newspaper reports had previously said Beyonce hired the double to go to the museum while she went shopping.

"We followed the look-a-like around Vienna all day to see how people reacted when they met Beyonce," Andrea Hilber, KroneHit's marketing chief, told APA.

"We had an excellent private visit of the Albertina Museum carried out by its director", Klaus Albert Schroeder, Hilber added.

The Albertina is one of the Austrian capital's most famous museums and attracts about one million visitors each year.

Recent visitors include Hollywood stars such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage.

Originally believing that Beyonce sent a double so that she could go shopping, the museum had said it would protest to the star's management.

"What a cheek," Albertina spokeswoman Verena Dahlitz was quoted as saying.