Beyonce stole choreography?

LOS ANGELES: American singer Beyonce Knowles is being accused of stealing choreography on her Formation World Tour.

According to professional dancer and personal trainer named Marlyn Ortiz, the Run The World singer, who kicked the tour in Miami, Florida on April 27 stole the routines from shows like De La Guarda and El Descueve, reports

Ortiz took to Instagram to share a clip of the alleged part which was stolen by Beyonce.

She wrote alongside the video, "I'm sorry I don't bash artistes! But I respect fellow creative artistes... And I don't like to use social media to promote something that can be perceived as negativity... But Beyonce, you have the nerve to steal exact concepts and choreography from other real creative geniuses."

"...It’s ok to be inspired but at least make the effort to make it your own," she added.

While Ortiz mentioned that Knowles stole the moves on Partition music video from Crazy Horse Paris, one commenter defended Beyonce, saying that Crazy Horse and other shows were credited in the singer's tour book.