Bhaktapur’s women


The photos of women, traditional life and festive occasions at Bhaktapuramong others, captured 25 years ago are on exhibit at the Peacock restaurant, Dattatraya Square, Bhaktapur. The exhibition entitled ‘Women of Bhaktapur’ comprising 80 photos comes as part of the ‘Urban Life Cycle’ programme organised by German Technical Assistance (GTZ) that began on October 8.

The women’s innocent smiles and simple life strike one most. Short biographies and recent photos of women in the exhibition photos who could be traced have also been displayed. In their short biographies, the women mainly talk about the change in their lives over the last 25 years. Some have talked about how they have been able to eke out a good living while some say how their life has changed for the better.

The opening day also saw a poetry recitation highlighting the problems in urban development. Later in the evening, slides show of the exhibition photos and musical programme were also held.

“The programme was organised keeping in view the need to focus on urban development in the country, and especially by developing local participation of women,” said Gujeshwori Shrestha, Urban Social Development Advisor, GTZ.

GTZ started development project in Bhaktapur in 1981, and its Urban Development through Local Efforts project continues to operate there.