Bhatt will do anything to grab attention

New Delhi:

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who is gearing up for the release of his next film Gangster, unabashedly says he will do anything to grab attention.

“Attention grabbing is my business and I would do everything I can to grab attention,” Bhatt said. So was the legal notice served on him by mobster Abu Salem also part of a publicity stunt? “You surely can’t accuse me of asking Abu Salem to file a case against me to get Gangster in the limelight. If you grant me that much of genius I am delighted,” Bhatt said.

After Gangster, the next film that is keeping him busy is Woh Lamhe — the celluloid version of his affair with Hindi cinema’s glamour girl Parveen Babi who passed away last year. “Portions of it are based on my personal life but no film can be an actual replay of your life. Real life doesn’t translate into good fiction. It will be too boring. Portions of your life used with a bit of imagination translate into good fiction.”

Newcomer Shiney Ahuja is playing Bhatt’s part in the film. Bhatt, who is mainly writing, producing and marketing films for his production house Vishesh Films, says nothing can persuade him to go behind the camera again.

“I am not directing films any more. Direction is a very important part of the film business and I think I have had my run. Everything gets dated, even directors get dated — now there are younger directors directing. They are brighter, better, quicker and more relevant and I am there to help them.” Bhatt is upbeat about Gangster, which is releasing on April 28, and says the public will like it.