Big B doesn’t want son Abhishek


In Ravi Chopra’s Bhootnath, the Big B defied his age by performing a heart-in-the-mouth stunt. But the legendary actor doesn’t want his son Abhishek Bachchan to take such risks.

“I would not permit Abhishek to do his own stunts. I always ask him to use discretion and take immense precaution,” Amitabh Bachchan said.

Reminded of his daring act, he brushes off it as part of a day’s work.

He said, “I think far too much is being made out of the stunt. Yes, every action-stunt has its potential dangers and action directors take adequate precautions and follow safety routines. You could slip and fall while walking ordinarily and break a bone and, conversely, not get a scratch by jumping off a building for a film action sequence.

“The one I did for Bhootnath was relatively safe. But because of my recent surgery and my several other complicated medical conditions, there was an obvious anxiety. However, things went off without any untoward incident. Thank god.”

While performing a stunt in 1983 the Big B had suffered a near-fatal injury.

“I still remember all the prayers and good wishes of the people. I wouldn’t have survived without them,” he said.

Reportedly, Amitabh plays a ghost in the film, which is being directed by Vivek Sharma. Juhi Chawla is in the female lead and Shah Rukh Khan will make a guest appearance in the movie.