Big groove for Jazzmandu

KATHMANDU: The big performance from the orchestra comprising musicians of Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory and Nepal Army was a gripping finale at the Kathmandu Jazz Festival last year. The KJC-NA Jazz Orchestra will be back on the same stage performing for the second consecutive year in the Surya Nepal Jazzmandu 2015.

“It was fun last year. We had a great experience. We are sure that this year too, it is going to be fun and a great concert,” shares guitarist Rajat Rai, who is also the Academic Coordinator of Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory (KJC), about their gig at the fest.

Around 20 talented artistes from the Nepal Army and KJC have come together for the musical endeavour this year. The orchestra has prepared something “quite different from last year”. Music with a little swing, more funk and groove has been orchestrated for their sophomore Jazzmandu stage. Their performances will not be for listening only, but to dance to them and they are “planning to invite a visiting artiste of Jazzmandu, to perform in one of the tunes with the Band”.

Jazzmandu is not just about music and performances for this band. It is an “important platform” for the Orchestra.  Rai expresses, “We are able to meet lot of great musicians from around the world and have an opportunity to share and learn through this festival. And it is very important for us to present the one and only Big Band of Nepal to the world.”

The Capital has been gripped by the fuel crisis. However, the Orchestra has faced the challenge and overcome while having fun among the musicians.

Rai points out, “It is hard to maintain smooth rehearsals because some of the musicians fail to turn up for the rehearsals due to the transportation difficulties but somehow we have managed and have tried to keep it going and get prepared for the Concert.”

For everyone out there, get prepared to listen to this Big Band at the Finale. Surya Nepal Jazzmandu 2015 is scheduled to take place from November 4 to 10. The Himalayan Times is the official print media partner.

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