Bizarre is not easy to get right: Gaga

LOS ANGELES: American singer Lady Gaga, known for donning bizarre ensembles, says wearing her daring outfits isn’t “easy” to get right. “What people don’t really know about me. (They think) I’m always putting things on to be provocative or shocking for the sake of it. But actually, it’s not that easy to wear all of those things and to do it with poise and precision and to hit your mark every time,” Gaga told

Gaga is grateful, she’s not had to compromise her style which she considers her “art” to be in the show. “My manager just said to me, ‘You’re like a contortionist. You stand there for hours in pain in those outfits and you have no clue when you’re on stage and you get off and it just all hits you’. And he’s right. That’s exactly what happens. It’s what I do. That’s my art.”

“So (American Horror Story) is actually really stretching me in a great way. It’s like I have to take the things that I’m good at and make them even better, and keep them the same every time but still lose so that Ryan (Murphy, executive producer) gets something really truly organic from me,” she said.