Blessed country life

Most of the Nepali people live in the villages. Many, of course, live in towns and big cities.

The pleasures of ‘the country life’ are unlimited. There we live amidst nature. There are open spaces. Houses are spread out. There is greenery all around — green paddy, wheat and sugarcane fields and gardens delight us.’

The surroundings with trees, plants and shrubs around are pleasing to look it.

It is well said that god made the country.

Village people are simple and innocent. They live in peace and harmony. Most of them are farmers. They cultivate their own fields. Many work in the field as a labourers, while many others breed sheep and cattle.

Village life is free from pollution. There is not much smoke, noise and traffic. People enjoy wholesome food and pure air. They enjoy the sweet music of chirping birds, beauty of the rising and setting sun, the murmur of the brooks and swaying trees. All these increase the charm of the country. However, there are some disadvantages to a rural lifestyle. The country people lack many modern facilities. There are very few schools, colleges and hospitals. Sometimes villagers do not get enough work to do and remain idle. The country people work very hard to earn their daily bread. Yet, they are happy with their simple life. — Kushmila Shrestha, Class VII A, VS GEMS, Kathmandu