Blunt finds private life invasion unhealthy

LONDON: James Blunt has dismissed media interest in his private life as irrelevant and “unhealthy”.

The You’re Beautiful star has seen his love life plastered through the tabloids in recent years, with alleged romances with casting director Dixie Chassay, musician Camilla Boler and supermodel Petra Nemcova.

But speaking in the midst of a 14-month world tour, the singer-songwriter said he continues to find media interest in his private life bizarre.

“I’ve never read tabloid magazines, but I think it’s a pretty unhealthy practice,” he told

“You and I are not dogs sniffing each other, I’m not interested in your private life, nor should

I be, and nor should you be in mine. It’s not important and we’ve got many more important things to deal with. I’m not a celebrity, I’m a musician,” he added.