Blushing beauty

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I have fair skin but the problem is that it reddens unusually at times when I am nervous or feeling a bit hot. Can you suggest me any skin product or any tip, which could give my skin a yellowish glow and retain it even while I am blushing? — Doma Sherpa

As you have a naturally blushing face try not to hide it with any products. All you have to remember is to avoid using a blusher as you have a natural glow. The rest leave it natural.

You always suggest using foundation. Can one do without it? My face is little oily and I use fair n lovely and sometimes Lakme sunscreen TPI 70. It looks fair for a while but after some time I find my face too oily. And when I use compact powder my face looks dull and patchy. I am helpless. What should I do? — Swarnnim

Yes one can do with out foundation but foundation never harms the skin, infact it protects it from the harsh lights, air conditioning, heating and the sun. As your skin is oily you should use moisture control lotion in the mornings or oil free products to control the shine throughout the day, as this reduces the shine and keeps it matte and comfortable throughout the day. Try using a loose powder with a powder puff and see the difference.

Does applying too much of make-up make one’s skin bad? How do I make myself look good without applying too much of make up? — Amrita

Applying makeup is definitely not bad for your skin, but remember only to buy good branded products in the market and not go for anything that is there. With the advanced technology and research makeup is as good as your second skin. Start with a foundation that blends in well with your skin tone and apply powder over it to set it. An eyeliner or kajal with lots of mascara, a blush to give yourself a healthy glow followed by your shade of lipstick will make you look good and natural.

The prize for the question of the week goes to Swarnnim.