Bollywood calling

CHANDIGARH: A photograph of a college girl using a mobile in celebration after her college buckled under protests and allowed students to use cell phones has opened the doors of Bollywood for Yamini Sharma. But the student is more interested in studies — for now.

Impressed by her looks from her photograph published in a leading English newspaper, Bollywood director Satish Kaushik announced on September 1 he would make her the leading lady of his next multi-million film venture. A journalist clicked the photograph after students of MCM DAV Girls College forced the college authorities to revoke a ban on use of mobile phones in the campus this week. The picture showed Yamini talking on her mobile.

Kaushik, known for his successful directorial hits like Tere Naam, made the offer to Yamini for his next directorial venture, the newspaper reported.

The report said the girl, who hails from Solan in Himachal Pradesh, had not decided whether she should take the plunge into films now. Her mother was quoted as saying she wanted her daughter to pursue business management.