Abhishek to spread Dyslexia awareness


Abhishek Bachchan has been appointed as the brand ambassador to spread awareness about Dyslexia, which is a neurological condition of children with high intelligence quotient but having special educational needs. The actor will be promoting national awareness about Dyslexia through a combination of mass media messages and on-ground outreach programmes for such kids in collaboration with ‘Prerna’, a public trust based in Ahmedabad involved with the education of dyslexic children. “Today let us work together to help our geniuses to find their true place in the sun”, said Abhishek. “The sooner we are able to help dyslexic children, the better we will be able to unlock their trapped genius and help them contribute their intelligence to society,” he added.

Why Katrina hates black?


You can’t go wrong with black. But Katrina is a shade different…

“That’s not fair. I own 6 black outfits. It’s not like I hate it or something…” she laments. “I think of black as being a tad too formal.” So she tries to avoid it! “No ways. I love black just like you guys. But if its going to be black, then it has to be flowing chiffons” she says plainly. Which is the first black dress that she ever bought? “Oh, I didn’t really buy, but was gifted this knee-length classy dress,” Katrina replies.

What comprises her current wardrobe? “I have this one from Insha with blue beads around the neck.” And would black be the ideal choice if she were on a date? The angelic beauty hesitatingly says, “May be not,” and adds, “I love the black corset though. Galliano designed it. It gives the effect that I am looking for.” For the supermodel, does black come with a certain prescription? “Yes, you can say so. I like my outfits to have a certain definition. Loose-fitted and elegant is more like me,” Katrina races off.