Bono plans to repay third world debt

LONDON: Bono, lead singer of Irish rockers U2, is planning a second Live Aid concert, 20 years after the original charity extravaganza raised 60 million pounds for famine-hit Ethiopia, a British newspaper reported. The proceeds from Live Aid 2 would go to reducing the international debt of developing nations, The Sun tabloid reported, citing British government sources.

Bono, 44, is a long-time advocate for the cancellation of third world debt. U2 took part in the original 1985 Live Aid extravaganza, which was the brainchild of fellow Irish pop star Bob Geldof and was played out across television screens worldwide from concert stages in London and Philadelphia. Among the stars being lined up for the 21st century version are Robbie Williams, Oasis, Coldplay, Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Phil Collins and, of course, U2 the paper said. The report gave no putative date for the event, but said Bono would make an announcement this week, with Geldof likely to be asked to get involved. — AFP