BOOK REVIEW: After the war

Kathmandu :

Since the start of the Maoist armed rebellion in February 1996, around 14,000 people have lost their lives and 200,000 displaced. Of the latter group, it is estimated that around one-third have migrated to India, while the remaining languish in various urban centres across the country. On the other hand, 72,000 active members are enlisted with the Maoists, including a 40,000-strong Maoist militia.

The success of Jana Andolan II has necessitated the rehabilitation of both these groups, the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) as well as Maoist guerrillas. In this light, Ujjwal Upadhyay’s Insurgency Affected People of Nepal — Rehabilitation puts forwards suggestions for the post-conflict rehabilitation of the IDPs and the Maoist militia. His study also looks into the status and causes behind the displacement and recommends relevant steps for the rehabilitation effort.

While the government needs to adopt sweeping land reform policies to reintegrate the displaced people, the author concludes, the disarmament and decommissioning of the Maoist guerrillas is also equally important, even at the estimated cost of $161.35 million.

Prescriptive; highly pertinent; worth a perusal.