BOOK REVIEW: An easy read

KATHMANDU: Nepali literary writers always complain about lack of readers for books written in the Nepali language. Ardhabiram, a novel written by Sanu has come to the market to attract the attention of these limited readers. Being the first endeavour, the novel is a mixture of a novel beginning with some weaknesses in the incidents that take place.

The strength of the novel is in the imagination and managing it creatively in getting it organised into a well-structured novel. Another significant feature of the novel is its depiction of psychoanalysis of the different characters, particularly the protagonist. The writer has captured the thought patterns of the characters accurately.

However, the characters and events in the novel do not seem to be based on real life experiences. Though the story is set in the modern city life, the concept of living together without having a formal bonding is still considered against the norm in today’s Nepal.

The central character Anupama does not try to change the circumstances but only complains about what life has given her.

The book is written in the first person narrative and the story moves smoothly. The narrative technique, which uses the flashback technique, is superior.

The novel offers the satisfaction of completion. You see a whole life in transit. In an ideal manner, just like in a Hindi cinema, the plot moves through many obstacles to a positive ending.