Boost your efficiency

There are small things, which often go unnoticed, that will help you work more efficiently.

• Start working when the work hours start. If you still do personal things when the work hours start, you will lose the work momentum for the rest of the day.

• Remove the clutter on your work place. A clean and tidy desk prepares your mindset to work. Do not accumulate task on the work desk.

• Sit up straight. Do things fast. Talk clearly.

• Do not do personal things during work hours. Do not do it even for a minute. You can get sidetracked for a significant amount of time.

• Do not check private email during work. Without realising it, it can take one hour or more although you have intended a few minutes during a coffee break. Internet connection at home is somehow necessary if you are a regular Internet surfer.

• Finish the things at one go. If you leave the task on your hand for another thing, you will spend even more time next time to reorganise the things when you come back to it. Also you will still remember the unfinished task and stress out. It is better to do one task excellently than to do a few tasks with moderate result. Finish one thing first before proceeding to another. Doing many things is equal to doing nothing.

• There are times when you still feel like working during lunchtime. That is not good. Just have a clear line. Do something else. Have a chat with people during lunch or something.