Bravo! Cucina Italiana


Italian food in general is often characterised as being flexible and innovative, building itself on a model of theme and variation. So, no two gnocchi with Bolognese sauce will be quite the same at two different kitchens. For all of its variations and celebrated incarnation in the home, Italian cuisine has had a profound influence on cooking and eating in Europe, particularly France. Moreover, it seems the Italians were the first in Europe to consider the order of cou-rses and the relationship of the dishes served.

And, finally Italians also brought sweets, preserves, and fruit pastes to the Western world.

“Since Italian food is very popular here in Nepal and it is the first time we’re participating in food festival, we chose Italian cusine,” says Roshan Chettri of the Fuzone Café. They will be all out to entice you with delicious Italian fare at The Himalayan Times Food Fest at the Hyatt Regency on November 26. From a choice of pizzas to spaghetti and pastas, it will be one day of Italian food that you will not forget in a hurry. “But what is special about what we are offering is that you can have your choice of toppings to enjoy it along with salads that we serve with every meal,” adds Sabin Shakya. Well, come and taste the world the Italian way.

On your plate Pizzas:

Margarita: 70

Fungi: 80

Hawaiian: 100

Meat lovers: 100


Veg: 80

Non-veg: 100


Veg: 70

Non-veg: 90

Italian dressing salad: 40