Brit film fest


A four day British Short Film Festival is being held from March 28 to 31 at the Russian Culture Center. The festival will be showcasing the 16 great works of prominent UK film directors. The festival includes films some of the best short films spanning over the last 50 years. “The short film medium is the place where most film makers get their start,” said Murray Kerr, one of the festival organiser’s. “Short films are significant because they demonstrate what can be done with limited resources but unlimited imagination,” he added.

Along with the films the formative efforts of the directors will be on display over the course of the festival. The festival is being sponsored by the British Council in association with Rare Films.

The schedule for the screenings are as follows:

March 28

• The Sheep Thief (24 minutes)

• Joyride (10 minutes)

• UK images (6 minutes)

• Doodlebug (3 minutes)

March 29

• Boy and Bicycle (27 minutes)

• Telling Lies (4 minutes)

• Home (11 minutes)

• Inside Out (7 minutes)

March 30

• The Short and Curlies (17 minutes)

• Je T’aime John Wayne (10 minutes)

• About a Girl (10 minutes)

• Dear Phone (17 minutes)

March 31

• Who’s My Favourite Girl (15 minutes)

• The Girl Chewing Gum (12 minutes)

• Eight (13 minutes)

• Gasman (15 minutes)

The films will be screened at Russian Culture Centre from 5.30 pm each day. Limited number of tickets will be available at the British Council.