Britney’s kid sister to star in TV show

Los Angeles:

She’s been surrounded by celebrity just about all of her life, but Jamie Lynn Spears would have you believe she’s just another Louisiana teenager blown away by the fact she gets to travel to LA from time to time to make TV shows, where they sometimes let her keep the clothes she wears on set. But then Britney Spears’ kid sister makes a pretty good case for her innocence when she recounts her reaction to learning she would be starring in her own TV show this year.

“I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, that would be so cool!’” she recalls thinking when veteran TV producer Dan Schneider told her one day over lunch that he wanted to put her in the spotlight. “So we started talking about stuff and we came up with all of these — all of these ideas — and he wrote something,” says Spears, still sounding fascinated by the process. — AP