Bulging Gwen

NEW DELHI: Singer Gwen Stefani, who delivered her second baby Zuma Nesta Rock in August, has been allegedly suffering from post-pregnancy weight woes that make her “feel like a giant house”.

The singer is said to be going ballistic over shedding her extra fat, and has even hired a personal trainer to help her.

The 38-year-old mum is reportedly having much difficulty dropping her post-pregnancy bulges than she did earlier with her first child, the China Daily reports.

“Gwen feels like a giant house at the moment,” a source close to her said.

“She found this pregnancy hard and the weight just piled on. She hoped to shed 40 to 50 pounds within three months and even lined up a personal trainer. But she is still suffering from sleepless nights and caring for Kingston as well as Zuma is really draining, so she has little energy left for high intensity workouts,” the source added.

The musician is also purportedly coming to terms with the fact that despite her frantic efforts to control her cravings, progressing age has made it harder for her to lose weight The source said, “Gwen’s appetite is running wild. She can’t resist fries and sandwiches and has cravings for red meat. She is learning that at her age, losing weight is not nearly as easy as it used to be.”