To mark the International Youth Day on August 12, Youth Initiative is organising a series of discussions, rallies and programmes to bring together ideas and ideologies from all across the country. This is the second time in a row that they have come up with this celebration. Youth Initiative has partnered with the Youth and Sports Section of the ministry of Education and Sports and various other youth organisations. The other organisations participating include Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum, Youth Action Nepal, United Youth, YATRA, Bahai Youth, HRERLIC-Nepal, Kathmandu Infotiser, WAVE, Leo Clubs, Rotaract Clubs, Development Studies Society. The Himalayan Times is the official media for the event.

The main aim behind getting together all these organisations is to accumulate the youth of Nepal and bring forward their views and ideas. Youth Initiative organised a programme at Hotel Mountain on August 10 that was attended by all the participating organisations and was chaired by the Deputy Secretary of the ministry of education and sports, Ram Krishna Subedi. He said: “If the youth of the nation come together, there is no obstacle they cannot overcome. It is highly motivating to see them coming up with such ideas and I wish them all the best.”

A series of programmes has been planned for August 12, which include Youth Rally in Kathmandu, Round Table Discussion on Programmes and Policies for Youth of Nepal, Youth Survey, Youth Rallies Outside Kathmandu Valley and other activities like blood donation camps and concerts.