Call the doctor

A doctor is an important person. S/He prescribes medicine when we are ill. S/He examines the sick to find out what is ailing them. Then s/he gives them medicine. Thus, s/he keeps many people alive and healthy.

A doctor helps us by making our pain and suffering less. A sick person must see the doctor or he/she may suffer more, and sometimes even die. Sometimes people die because they do not have money to pay a doctor. Many times a doctor is not available on time.

A doctor knows how to dress and heal wounds. S/He is a very well trained man. A doctor is a great friend of the sick.

A doctor’s life is hard. S/He does not have much time for sleep and rest.

S/He has to visit the sick. S/He has to remain on duty in the hospital. Even during night time, s/he might be required to visit a patient. A doctor saves lives.

A doctor’s profession is noble. S/He has to remain cheerful and smiling. S/He speaks politely to his patients and is a source of great hope and strength to the sick.