Celeb tattoos

Angelina Jolie:

She is by far the most popular tattooed celebrity on the Internet. Jolie is an unabashed tattoo enthusiast, collector and aficionado. This actress has at least a dozen tattoos, and shows no signs of slowing down her collection of body art. She has made the tribal dragon one of the most popular tattoos for women, and sparked an intense interest in the traditional tattooing of Southeast Asia.

Britney Spears:

This twenty-five year old singer and mum has tattoos of a fairy on her lower back, a small daisy circling her second toe on her right foot, a butterfly leaving a vine on her left foot, and a flower with Chinese symbol for mystery in middle on her lower stomach.

The Rock:

Dwayne Douglas Johnson has a Brahma bull tattoo — he is a Taurus — tattooed on his right biceps and a large Polynesian-style tattoo piece on upper left arm and shoulder.


He has dog tags tattooed around his neck, a large mushroom on his left shoulder, his daughter’s name, ‘Hailie Jade’, a Gothic-style bracelet on his left wrist, ‘Slit Here’ on his right wrist, a D on his right forearm, a 12 on his left forearm, one tattoo standing for Eminem on one side of chest, one tattoo standing for Slim Shady on the other side, a design on right bicep, and several others...

David Robert Joseph Beckham:

He has the words Brooklyn (son’s name) across his lower back, Romeo (other son) above a well-known crucifixion scene on upper back, wife Victoria’s name in Hindi, the Roman numeral VII (7 was his Man United jersey number) on the underside of right arm and other tattoos.

Pamela Anderson:

She has some wonderful black work as skin art. Her barbed-wire arm band spawned thousands and thousands of imitators. And imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Nicole Richie:

She has at least nine tattoos, including a pair of ballerina slippers — her father Lionel Richie wrote her a song, Ballerina Girl, and wings on her back, to go along with a nipple piercing.