KATHMANDU: The Embassy of Bangladesh organised a cultural show to celebrate International Mother Language Day and Amar Ekusey (Martry’s day of Bangladesh) on its premises, Basundhara on February 21. Since 2000 International Mother Language Day is being celebrated in Nepal.

Talking about the importance of International Mother Language Day, Nabin Chitrakar, Secretary of Nepal Bhasa Parishad said, “This day is remembering the people who fought for their mother language in East Pakistan. Due to their sacrifice Bangladesh was born after the separation from East Pakistan. Bangladesh is the only country in the world that was formed on the basis of language.”

To celebrate this occasion Bangladeshi artistes Oyshika Nodee, Shaheen Sarder, Niaz Hasan, and Shuvo Islam gave a musical performance. Nodee sang 13 songs in Bengali language with patriotic theme, love for nature, language movement in Bangladesh and more. Sarder is the composer of the songs where he also played harmonium during the performance. Hasan accompanied them in tabala and Islam recited the poems.

Nodee donned in black sari and red shawl, red bindi on forehead, and kajal in her eyes hypnotised the audience with her sweet voice. The tunes were similar to that of bhajans, though most of the audience did not understand Bengali, they were engulfed in the melody. She sang numbers like Kota Bhasha Ache Bishshe, Amra Jara Pran Diyechi, Phagun Elei and so on.

After the live song performance, members of the Nepal Bhasa Parishad, recited poems in Newari, Tamang, Bhojpuri, Hindi languages and more.