Celebrating Womenhood

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, May 10:

Celebrating Womanhood 2004 announced the names of women to be honoured. This year at a function held on May10. The women to be honoured this year include:

• Annapurna: Ashmina Ranjit, artist

• Bhagawati: Durga Pokharel, writer

• Bhawani: Sangina Vaidhya, sports

• Durga: Geeta Upreti, DSP, public service

• Karuna: Radha Khadka, social worker

• Laxmi: Binita Pradhan, entrepreneur

• Mahamaya: Gyani Shova Tuladhar, first fashion designer

• Saraswati: Rani Gurung Kakshapati, educationist

• Shakti: Ang Dali Sherpa, first woman trekker

‘Celebrating Womanhood’ started in 2002 as an annual event to celebrate the vision, inner beauty and power of women. The objective is to honour women in various fields of arts, education, sports, community service, health and industry and to applaud their dedication to their respective fields. Shrijana Singh Yonjan, the mind behind the event says that each award has been named after a goddess and the attribute she signifies. The awards recognise nine different fields of achievement (Nava Durga). The formal ceremony will be held on May 15 at Soaltee Crowne Plaza and will showcase elegant creations by Sanskriti Designer’s Wardrobe, India Education Centre, Charms Boutique and an eclectic sequence of jewellery by the Yuppies.