Celebration by the beach!

Himalayan News Service


Expect the unexpected!” — was the punch line that had been spread around town, days before the show took place. And the crowd welcomed 2005 with mega music and an expanded dance floor that was any dance lovers delight. What else is needed? There were drinks, there was music, dancing, fun and merrymaking — just about everything that kept the December cold at bay and the mood mercury rising.

A DMI presentation with The Himalayan Times as the media partner was an event not to be missed. The open space outside Rox Bar was done up in a way to create an ambience that beat the December cold and brought the warmth of the beaches. The podium that was shaped like a gigantic Oyster Shell was created for the first time in the country and was but naturally one of its kind.

The centre stage was ruled by the DJs — DJ Jimmy Tangree from Calcutta and DJ Charmaine from the US. Dazzling sounds — touted to be 30,000 Watts — and all genres of music no doubt tempted everyone present to sway.

For starters Jimmy Tangree served the crowd his dose of trance, Bollywood remixes and techno in tandem. DJ Tangree who usually frequents the town, proved his mastery once again on table turning and wooed the crowd flawlessly.

Another major attraction of the event was DJ Charmaine who had flown half way around the world to raise the Fahrenheit at Rox, Hyatt. As the main DJ of the Brooklyn International Film Festival (BIFF) since 1998, Charmaine has performed through the years in front of very diverse, international, sophisticated, and significant crowds.

Charmaine’s mastery in Tribal House and Tech House/Techno and her signature sounds — tribal drums, rhythmic beats, hard and sometimes funky grooves were perfect mood setter for the final countdown.