Chaudhary’s autobiography launched in English

KATHMANDU: From the streets of Kathmandu to a billion dollar empire, Binod Chaudhary inspires all. How he achieved the empire is one stirring story to know and he has told his exemplary tale in 2013 with his autobiography written in Nepali language Binod Chaudhary. Reaching out to more readers globally, Binod Chaudhary has been translated in English now, which was released as Binod Chaudhary-MY STORY on February 29 at Nepalaya, Kalikasthan.

The autobiography has been translated by the late journalist Sanjeev Ghimire. New chapters including Forbes’ experience (he is Nepal’s first billionaire) have been added to the English version of the autobiography.

At the event, business analyst Ashutosh Tiwari shared a few words about the book. He informed, “The book is a fast paced book. It crackles with raw energy. There is impatience…there is so much to do and there is so much I have done and why it isn’t happening. It is full of ambition and aggressiveness.”

Tiwari described Binod Chaudhary-MY STORY — how Chaudhary carved his niche in the world — in few minutes. He also talked about the themes of the book. As per him, the book is something that youth should read so that it instigates ambition in them.

He also had a conversation with Chaudhary where they talked about how he was driven to the path of business at a young age and how he was able to make a mark in the business sector.

“I was put into the situation suddenly. It wasn’t a natural and smooth transition for me. I was unprepared. I had no choice but to shoulder my father’s responsibility,” Chaudhary shared how he started out.

He wanted to do things slightly different when in school, but a different fate was in store for him.

He further added, “Fighting the consequences of things that I had not analysed occurred so did the problems that I did not envision, I reached to a place where I was not afraid any more to pursue things.”

And as it is said the rest is history.