Chef’s choice: Something different


I especially love this dish for its distinct taste... it is tangy in taste and filling as well.

Cooked in typical Nepali or Indian style, chicken at times gets monotonous and everyone wants a change once in a while. Among the various styles of preparing your favourite meat item, Chef Pradip Raut of Jaazabell Café shares his favourite continental chicken dish — Lemon grilled chicken, which is easy to prepare and scrumptious to taste.

Lemony flavour

“I especially love this dish for its distinct taste. Most of the chicken prepared in the Eastern style are very spicy and in Western style it is bland. But this Lemon grilled chicken is tangy

in taste and filling as well.

It is one of the most popular dishes in our restaurant and is very easy to prepare,” says Chef Raut.


Chicken breast: 100 gm

Salt/ black pepper according to taste

Lemon juice: 10 ml

Oil: 20 ml

White sauce: 1 cup

Fresh cream: 10 ml

Preparation method

•Marinate the chicken breast in salt, pepper and lemon juice for 10 minutes.

•Heat oil in a pan.

•Grill the chicken in medium flame till tender and golden brown.

•Add white sauce to it.

•Add lemon juice, pinch of pepper, fresh cream and simmer.

•Put it on a serving plate and garnish with little cream and parsley.

•Serve with sautéd seasonal vegetables and mashed potato. (Serves one)

White sauce

Refined flour: 100 grams

Butter: 50 grams

Milk: Half cup


•Heat a pan.

•Melt the butter in it.

•Add flour

•Cook till the flour turns golden brown.

•Add milk.

•Stir till the consistency gets thicker.

Sautéd seasonal vegetables

Handful of steamed seasonal vegetables like carrot, beans and cauliflower cut into moderate size.

Butter: 5 gm

Salt and pepper for taste


•Heat a pan.

•Melt the butter.

•Sauté the vegetables adding salt and pepper for taste.

Mashed potato

•Potato: Two, boiled and skinned

•Milk: Half cup

•Butter: 1 teaspoon

•Salt for taste


•Mash potato

•Add milk, butter and salt

•Mix all together