Chef’s choice: Tasty morsels


This winter all can try something different with the mutton in the kitchen. It is easy to make and tastes really good.

One’s earch for exotic dishes takes one to different restaurants and one wonders if one can prepare them at home. Oriental cuisine is something we can’t say no to — the taste and flavour is just so right for the Nepali palate. Executive Chef at Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Rajeev Shrivastava shares the recipe for a scrumptious Malaysian mutton dish — Mutton Kurma.

“Mutton is very popular among Nepalis, and this winter they can try something different with the mutton in the kitchen. Here is a simple mutton dish, which is easy to prepare, and tastes really good. Red meat is also perfect for the Kathmandu climate as it helps us warm up,” he says.


•Mutton cubes - 1kg

•Cinnamon stick - 2 gm

•Cardamom - 2 gm

•Cloves - 2 gm

•Curry leaves - 2 gm

•Ginger, garlic - 10 gm

•Lemon grass - 1 stick

•Onion paste - 50 gm

•Coconut milk - 100ml

•Milk - 125 ml

•Lemon juice - 4 ml

•Carrot diced - 30 gm

•Potato wedges - 150 gm

•Cumin powder - 10 gm

•Kurma powder - 10 gm

•Oil - 100 ml

•Sugar - 10 gm

•Salt and pepper according to taste

Preparation method

•Heat the oil and temper in it — cinnamon, cloves and cardamom

•Then add curry leaves, lemon grass stick, onion, ginger and garlic paste to this and sauté well

•Add the mutton cubes to it and sauté again.

•Pour in some water and cook the mutton till it is 75 per cent done

•Add vegetables to this and finally pour in the powdered spices, then add coconut milk and milk

•Cook the mixture till the mutton is properly cooked

•Adjust the seasoning with salt, sugar and lemon juice

Enjoy it with parantha or roti Serves four