Cherished memories

Thank you for everything:

Writing about my memories in Shuvatara would be like an unending quest. There is a trail of memories to cherish. All the shouting and screaming, running in the corridors, bunking classes, running to get seats in the bus — are few of the many memorable moments spent here.

Those moments are the ones that made us proud and happy, as well as laugh and cry. Perhaps those were the moments that underscored the unity of us as friends.

I must say that each day that I spent in Shuvatara contributed a lot to mould my character. Those beautiful days, some full of struggle, taught me many things.

Our teachers’ friendly behaviour and spending time in the staff room probably made the student-teacher relationship very strong.

Every competition held here has taught me about healthy competition and that winning is not everything, but that what really matters is your participation. We learnt social service from our teachers’ devotion and dedication to their work.

Thank you Shuvatara for making me what I am today.

— Alisha Manandhar, SLC batch 2007,

Shuvatara School

Playground of 12 years:

After studying here for 12 years, saying goodbye is obviously going to be very difficult. I learnt my ABC’s here. The years I spent here will always be memories I’ll recall fondly.

In this school, I found good friends and teachers who blessed us to succeed.

Vidhya Sagar has been like a playground where I’ve learnt to play, tackle my opponents and live with the real spirit of a player. In the playground, you give your best, enjoy every moment with glory and learn the value of friendship.

No doubt you fall a number of times, get cuts, bruises and fractures, but also feel the other players encouraging you to get up and start anew. If you know how to play as a team under the rules, you win else you lose. I’ve got several cuts, bruises and fractures that set me back, but each time that happened, I found people holding me.

I am missing my school, the mischief, the happy and sad times, of course the dance classes.

— Aastha Shrestha,

SLC batch 2007, Vidhya Sagar School, Banepa

Golden days:

I used to think that life would be really, really beautiful after my SLC exams. I always used to dream about college life and keep waiting for my school life to get over. I have not started college, but I am missing my school days a lot. I feel jealous when I see school students going to school and I wish I could be one of them.

I am missing my teachers and friends. I am also missing all the events in my school. I remember someone saying to me, “School life is the most beautiful period of our life” and I really believe it to be true.

I want to tell all school students to enjoy your school life. I have not started college life, but I am sure it is going to be better than school life.

— Sanjeev Giri, SLC batch 2007, Prithwi Secondary School, Dhapashi