Cheryl Cole's X factor fortune

LONDON: X Factor' judge Cheryl Cole is set to splash out over £100,000 on outfits for the UK TV talent show.

Cheryl Cole is set to spend over £100,000 on clothes for 'The X Factor'.

The Girls Aloud singer has already splashed out £59,000 on her wardrobe for the hit UK TV talent series, and plans to invest another £45,000 on outfits for the live shows.

A source said: "Cheryl definitely wants to ditch her glamorous flamboyant dresses for more provoking outfits which include ripped jeans, sleeveless tops and studded boots."

The 26-year-old star showed her intention to be seen as a trendsetter by wearing a custom-made dress by Preen for her 'The X Factor' publicity shot.

Some high-profile designers, including Pucci and Matthew Williamson, have agreed to lend Cheryl clothes for the show, but she will have to pay for most other exclusive garments.

It has been claimed Cheryl is even planning a striking new hairstyle when the live shows begin in October in a bid to impress in the fashion stakes.

One unnamed London-based designer said: "Credibility-wise, Cheryl is a kind of in-betweener. I don't buy all her CDs, but she is beautiful and has a nice figure and looks good in clothes. She has an understanding of fashion."

Earlier this year, it was claimed Cheryl was spending over £100,000-a-year to maintain her enviable figure and good looks.

A source said: "Cheryl spends a lot of money looking her best, but it's not about vanity, it's about achieving as much as she can. She sees it as an investment - something she needs to perfect to do well in her career."

As well as a hiring a personal stylist for £30,000, Cheryl also reportedly splashes out £9,000-a-year on her hair, £12,000 on a private dietician, £14,000 on personal training sessions, £5,000 on treatments and £36,000 on a fat-burning machine.