Cindy in Beijing cheering US team

BEIJING: Super Model Cindy Crawford is in Beijing for a few days to cheer for the teams from the United States.

This is not her first visit to Beijing, but the model said being in the city when the Olympics are taking place makes the visit more special.

The model was seen giving the US Basketball team a boost at the sidelines as well as rooting for gold medallist record holder Michael Phelps.

She said, “We were able to see the US basketball team and we got to watch Michael Phelps win two gold medals. I am also going to go see some gymnastics tomorrow.”

“I’m friendly with Michael Phelps, I got to meet him with Omega as he is also an Omega Ambassador like I am”, said Cindy.

She also said that she had met Michael four years ago when he was just trying out for his first Olympics, and to see him grow to a more poised man from the kid that he was then was quite overwhelming.

The model explains that a big benefit of the Olympics is that it is an event that attracts everyone. “Even if you’re not a sports fan to be here at the Olympics or any Olympics and to see this level of competition, you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of it,” she feels.