Heroes and heroines never come in the forefront in the starting; we are giving the musicians a chance right now. Like in movies where the hero wins in the end, it’s going to be the same here too,” said Bhuwan KC, who was displaying his football skills at the ‘D-Care Foundation Anti-drug Campaign Celebrity Meet with Music Punch’ held at Dasarath Stadium on June 20.

However, KC was proved wrong as the cine-stars were routed by the musicians 7-0 in this charity match.

KC was playing football almost after 20 years, however, celeb captain Rajesh Hamal, who was playing football on such a big scale for the first time, was enjoying himself thoroughly.

“We are playing with the feeling of sportsmanship and relaying a good message. So it’s really great,” said Hamal. “Besides that we have even got a chance to show the camaraderie that we share among all of us,” he added.

It was a fun match with celebrities and principals of PABSON in blue jerseys, and musicians and principals from N-PABSON in red and white checkered jerseys playing with full enthusiasm.

The celebrities dominated the beginning and one could easily distinguish Hamal and KC overpowering others simply with their stature. It was the thunderous ovation from the school children who were present supporting their favourite teams that added a delightful exuberance to the match.

However, the scenario quickly changed, as it was the musicians who scored the first goal within a few minutes. And once they had taken the lead, there was no stopping them as the next goal and yet another one was shot.

Sambhujit Baskota, captain of the musical team, was all smiles and proudly said, “It feels great we’re all friends playing here and already three goals. It’s a great start and hope we will win.”

The musicians proved a heavy challenge for the celebrities scoring three more goals. The most interesting part of the match, which had everyone laughing their hearts out, was during the last 10 minutes when all 35 players from both teams rushed to the field to support their team mates. And more than football, it turned into a rugby match without any rules but the one that you had to score a goal.

And this time too it was the musicians who were able to kick in one more goal.

The Goodwill Ambassadors for anti-drug campaign chosen by the Home Ministry were also declared — Rajesh Hamal and Niruta Singh for this year. Besides that a new song especially related to anti drugs was also presented by musicians.