Clean home in no time

KATHMANDU: So, how many people actually enjoy cleaning their homes? Well not many for it is not that easy and takes so much of your time. How about learning some easy and quick cleaning tips that are also effective?

• To make it easy for you to carry all the necessary cleaning supplies, keep them in a bucket. Your cleaning supplies must include glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaners, furniture polish, rubber gloves, old toothbrush for tiny areas, and a couple of stiff bristled paintbrushes for dusting.

• The right way to clean a room is to go from top to bottom or from the highest area to the lowest one. So the floor or carpet comes last.

• It is better to clean bathroom after someone has taken a shower or bath because the steam loosens the dirt, making cleaning easier.

• To prevent mildew soak your shower curtain in salt-water solution before hanging it.

• Put some bleach in the toilet and put the lid down, leave it that way until you finish cleaning rest of the bathroom

• In a small bathroom, use a damp sponge with an all-purpose spray cleanser, to wash your floor.

• Use sponge mops on the shower walls for fast cleaning and it also saves you from stretching and bending.

• To make a quick and easy cleaning solution for kitchen use one-quarter cup of automatic dishwasher detergent, which you dissolve in a gallon of hot water. This solution can be used for cleaning stoves, floors, refrigerators, glass and walls. Dry or wipe with a cloth after.

• If you have guests coming to your place, wash and clean all the doors of the room quickly. Clean doors make you whole house feel cleaner and look good.