Clooney boosts security of his mansion

LONDON: American actor George Clooney has reportedly stepped up security to protect his mansion after his wife and lawyer Amal Clooney was sent death threats.

The couple have taken drastic measures to protect their $10.7 million mansion in Berkshire, South England and have

been advised not to travel without bodyguards, reports

The couple now is chauffeured to local restaurants just 300 yards away following worrying messages which the 38-year-old lawyer has received. It is supposedly in relation to her current case, which is seeing her represent jailed former president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed.

“Security isn’t so much for him but for her. From George’s point of view, the high-level legal work she does and the death threats she gets, it’s quite serious,” Grazia magazine quoted South Oxfordshire district councillor Paul Harrison, involved in negotiations to beef up surveillance at the Clooneys’ home, as saying.

The Tomorrowland actor and his wife initially applied for permission to erect up to eight cameras on six-metre poles in the grounds, plus another 10 fixed to the ground, but the plans were denied as the cameras would represent a potential infringement of the privacy of neighbouring properties, though a compromise has now been reached.