Clooney’s cleanup for Julia Roberts


Hollywood hunk George Clooney reportedly toned down his usual innuendo-laced banter with ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ co-star Julia Roberts, because he considered raunchy talk nappropriate around the then mum-to-be. While the ‘One Fine Day’ star happily treated the ‘Pretty Woman’ like one of the boys on the sets of ‘Ocean’s Eleven’, he carefully monitored what came out of his mouth in the sequel, when the actress was pregnant — even though Roberts couldn’t understand why he’d cleaned up his humour.

“We weren’t quite as raunchy around her as we were the first time because all of sudden she was a mom. But she was like, ‘Why are you guys suddenly treating me like a grown-up now’?” Clooney said. Roberts gave birth to twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter November 28. — HNS