Co-star calls Pitt best star dad


Brad Pitt has been hailed the best movie star dad by his co-star Taraji P Henson, who was amazed at how the actor managed to balance his professional and personal lives.

Henson, who is starring with the actor in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, says Pitt spent quality time with each of his kids while shooting the film. He said Pitt would bring one child to work with him every day and dote on the kid in between takes. Pitt’s daughter, Shiloh, actually landed a brief cameo in the film during one of her days on the set. quotes Henson as saying: “He had one kid every day. One on one. I think that’s incredible.” Aside from giving him the thumbs up as a doting dad, Henson praised him for being humble. She said, “He’s just so regular and down to earth, you’d forget he’s on the set. He blends in, he’s just like that. He’s not like, ‘Hey I’m Brad Pitt!’ He’s incredible, a sweetheart.” — HNS