Coldplay kicks off stadium tour with colorful show

EAST RUTHERFORD: Coldplay kicked off its US stadium tour with a colorful show that included fireworks, confetti and balloons, mixed with American pride, sympathy for France, moving words from Muhammad Ali and audio from President Barack Obama.

The British foursome led by Chris Martin performed for feverish fans Saturday at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. They started their two-hour show on a bright, high note jamming onstage as fireworks burst to the sky matching the glowing, multicolored wristbands fans received walking into the venue.

The band went on to finish the night with a cherry, upbeat set. They covered David Bowie's "Heroes" and Tom Waits' "Jersey Girl," a song also covered by Bruce Springsteen. The latter performance earned roaring cheers from the audience, and Martin called The Boss "the greatest artist in my opinion."

Martin ended the night by kissing the American flag and placing a sign above it that read, "Love."

"We as a band want to thank you for coming out, not just tonight but for all the nights," he said toward the end of the show. "(And) for taking all the (expletive) you get for being into Coldplay."