Come a long way, babe

Yasmin Taj


Music does not necessarily need to have a language to touch people’s hearts. It’s the soul and essence of music, which connects all kind of people belonging to diverse backgrounds and cultures. Full Circle, a band consisting of Dimple Singh, Deependra Rai and Binod Katuwal is a one-of-its-kind band in Nepal catering to music at a completely different and spiritual level. The band was initially started by Dimple on vocals and acoustic guitar and Deependra on acoustic, electric and slide guitar 12 years ago, while Binod joined it only three years back on the bamboo flute and percussions replacing bass guitarist Elvis. The name of the band Full Circle refers to the band’s spiritual and musical journey from their roots to other styles of music and finally touching their roots again hence creating a full circle. The band hit off on a small scale performing in restaurants around town like Roadhouse Café, Yak and Yeti and New Orleans. Since the last one year, however, they have been performing live at Moksha. Full Circle has won international acclaim during their tours abroad alongside winning some prestigious awards nationwide.

The genre of music that the band basically follows is acoustic world style with a strong base of powerful and meaningful lyrics in English, something that our country is not too familiar with in terms of commercial music. “Our music is based on facts of life that we have experienced in the many years of our lives: matters of the heart, mind and spirit and it expresses a desire for change,” confides Dimple, music composer and lyricist of the band adding, “I have been into music for as long as I can remember and it is the best way of expressing myself giving me a sense of peace and balance in my daily life and onstage.” The one thing that binds these three young chaps inspite of having drastically different personalities is their zest for music. These self-taught musicians have derived their inspirations from the likes of the multi-talented Sting, Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman from the international arena of music and local musical epitomes like Gopal Yonzan and Amar Gurung. The true essence of their music is evident because of their inclination towards the inner truths of life and spirituality. “Its all about soul searching and keeping the simplicity,” says Dimple. The band is formally launching their album ‘The Answer’ this Saturday, June 18 at Patan Museum at 7 pm. Though their first album ‘Free Your Mind’ was released three years earlier, they could not manage to get a producer to launch it formally.

But the album still got a very good response from the audience and was a favourite on radio. The song “My love belongs to you” also won the award for Best Song in a foreign language in the Hits FM Music Awards 2059 and 2060. East Meets West Music Box saw the potential in the album and decided to launch it together with ‘The Answer’. ‘The Answer’ was recorded in 2005 after the band returned from their tour of the UK with many changed preconceived notions that they had borne in their minds. The title track of the album is about how everyone around us is looking for an answer to the problems of their lives, wondering about the lies and deceptions and searching for a new meaning to life. “Its about hope and optimism, our coming generation and also about love,” says Dimple. The albums would be launched by the British Ambassador, followed by a live performance of their songs by the band. An added attraction of the event would be the amalgamation of famous guest musicians like Milesh on tabla, Suresh on the sarod, Willow on vocals and Nirakar and Sanjay from 1974 AD to give Full Circle full on support and make the event an unforgettable evening. For Full Circle fans and music lovers, this show has special significance because it will be their last concert before Deependra departs for America sina die.