Come together for them

There are a number of people and children in our country who are unable to help themselves but TSDCBD has been doing it for them. Here they are trained to make chalk and candles, which are sold in the market. Besides this they are also taught how to sing and how to play different musical instruments. They also teach them how to cross and walk on roads and help them adjust with each other and with other people. Since English and Nepali are the country’s major languages, they are given a chance to learn and write these two languages. They are also given the opportunity to learn computers.

For the blind they have a special kind of computer called CCTV (Close Circuit Television) and Lanced computer for those with poor vision. They are also trained to knit, sew and weave with the help of weaving yarns. They are trained for three months and are given market training so that they can manufacture their own products and earn their own.

Above all TSDCBD replicates the atmosphere of a home. Here they are given support and advise and brought up with care. In addition they provide them food, clothes, rooms for the homeless and some other basic needs. They are also sent on outings. Health facilities with two health specialists are also there. TSDCBD is also involved in charity work like free surgery for the less privileged.

The members of TSDCBD have done a remarkable job but it is also our duty to look after them and encourage them.

— Nitisha Subba, St Xavier’s, Godavari