Craig needs a 007 break

LOS ANGELES: Amidst speculations of who will be the next 007 agent, actor Daniel Craig says he has “no honest” answer whether he would be continuing his role as James Bond in the franchise.

Craig, 47, who reprises his role as the spy agent for the fourth time in the upcoming film Spectre, said he has given two years for the movie and now needs a break, reported Entertainment Weekly.

“I can’t give you an honest answer at this point. It’s not that I’m trying to play hard to get. I’ve just given it no thought whatsoever. This movie has taken up two years of my life. And I just need a break.

“I need to get back to normal life and reintroduce myself to my family who are not best pleased with me. The idea of planning ahead — I’m not trying to be coy. People want an answer and I don’t have one.” Earlier, Bond producer Barbara Broccoli called Craig the “beating heart at the centre” of the franchise.