Curries and paranthas


Well known for its Awadhi cuisine neo-classical restaurant at Soaltee Crowne Plaza ‘Kakori’ has come up with yet another delicious surprise. This time Kakori introduces varieties of North Indian cuisines in its ‘Curries and Parathas’ promotion from August 15-19. Catering to the tastes of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, the promotion covers a huge range of dishes to be relished with paranthas.

The extensive menu of traditional North Indian curries are prepared by the chef using exotic spices . Using the Awadhi spice potli, which has more than 22 ingredients to Hyderabadi spices, the chef is successful in preparing mouth watering aromatic curries. The awadhi dal is thick in consistency and rich in taste. This dish is prepared by cooking dal on a low flame for more than 12 hours. Mixing butter and water in equal amounts continuously, the dal is left to simmer and cook. Another must try is the Haider murgh cooked with onion, yoghurt, poppy seeds, ginger garlic paste and Hyderabadi potli masala, which gives the divine taste to this dish. The Dum ghost is prepared on a low flame using the dum method allowing the dish to get cooked in its own juice, papaya is used as a tendering agent, flavoured with nutmeg, garam masala, mint and gulab pankhudi (rose petal) among other spices are used. Usually mutton prepared at home is pressure-cooked so the real taste actually gets lost.

If you are a vegetarian do not fret for there is a number of dishes for you too. Surprise your taste buds with a unique vegetarian dish Baingan paneer haryali kebab.

This dish is prepared using cottage cheese and egg plant, the flavour is provided using achari masala, amchur(raw mango powder) powder and hint of mint.

Though all the foods are undoubtedly delicious, they are not too sharp and tangy in flavour but if you like some thing hot and spicy, try Aloo chutneydar. For this, potato is cooked in chutney masala, mint, amchur and green chilli. All dishes can be enjoyed with either stuffed or plain paranthas.