CVMA countdown begins

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The Close Up Video Music award 2061 scheduled for June 26 will award Nepali music videos in 15 different categories. We bring to you nominees for Best Adhunik Music Video and Best Lok/ Folk Music Video:

Best Adhunik Music Video:

Hijjo Arkhe Sangha, Yash Kumar

Produced by Dhaulagiri Cassette Centre and directed by Maya, this is a video from Kumar’s second album ‘Tirkha’. A great storyline and dramatic setting made this a popular video and a strong contender.

Kati Kura, Dev Narayan Pradhan

This is Pradhan’s first video from his first album ‘Prerna’. Shot in great outdoor locations with attractive models and impressive cinematography, it was finished in one day.

Pratiksha Mai, Anand Karki

A great Anand Karki number, this video was extensively shot and filmed in Hong Kong. Great locales, great models and an even greater track have propelled this video into fame.

Baachan Tode, Ram Krishna Dhakal

The king of Nepali Adhunik music, Dhakal has proven to be a wonderful actor. From his album ‘Ashraya’, this hugely popular video was done by BAP. It is also one of the most requested videos on TV.

Timi Lai Bhetney, Yam Baral

A typical video done by BAP, this is well choreographed and has all the right ingredients for a great storyline.

Manchey Le Chaherapani, Sanjiv Pradhan

The second video from Sanjiv’s album ‘Moments’, the video was done by BAP. The video, shot in just two days, uses vibrant colours and good cinematography. A typical Alok Newang work.

Best Lok/ Folk Music Video:

Sasural Ma Badri Pageni and Sharmila A Malla

Produced by Dhaulagiri this is one of the most popular folk songs of the year. The video deals with the relationship between a brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Hongkong ID, Milan Lama and Mina Kumari Dura

Again, a song for the mass, it has touched the hearts of millions. The video deals with real life situations where a guy has gone to Hong Kong to earn money.

Panchay Baja Lai, Keshav and Bina Kumari Dura

This video produced by Sheila Cassette is a situational setting of a wedding.

Kafpal Gedi, Mahesh Budhathoki and Sindhu Malla

Directed by veteran video maker Brajesh Khanal, it is one of the most commercially successful duos in Lok music.

Budesh Kalei Ma, Buddhi Sagar Bathsyal

Produced by Music Nepal and directed by actor/director Brajesh Khanal, this heart-wrenching video is the story of an old couple who have been thrown out of their house by their children.