Dabur Vatika MISS NEPAL 2005: Dusky all rounder


Beauty is just one aspect of the whole personality of a woman. And if anyone harbours a different notion about it, this dusky beauty is set to prove her point. Little wonder then that she’s equipped with the entire armoury of charms to crush judges’ reservations with mere glimpses of her exceptional acumen. Of all the visits to different places during the training sessions, she cherishes the one to Bal Mandir and was really shocked to see children (even four-month-olds!) who’d been abandoned to perish or be taken care of. This compassionate young woman is humble and, by her own admission, blunt, but her honesty is coupled with grace and attitude. Her family is her greatest asset who’s taken care of all her wildest whims and made all the 19 years of her life remarkable.

Name: Pratiksha Moktan

Place of birth: Kathmandu

Date of Birth: 27 May 1986

Ambition in life: to become a business tycoon

I like: honest and helpful people

I hate: Hypocrites

Present occupation: Student

Hobbies: Swimming, travelling and playing drums

Favourite Place: Switzerland

Idols/heroes: My sweet Mom

Inspiration for becoming a model: My family

Favourite outfit: Jeans with casual tops

Favourite brand/ colour of lipstick: L’Oreal/ bright colours

Favourite facial: I don’t use them

Favourite perfume: Chanel

My ideal husband would be: selfless, good looking and understanding