Dabur Vatika MISS NEPAL 2005: Glamorous for good cause


Samita wants to be a development worker. But what if she wants a bit of celeb glamour? Definitely no harm to aid the cause she wants to live for.

In fact, nothing would help Samita better than a slice of eminence. She’s not a television buff, but loves spending most of the time before the tube. Though participating in the pageant has made her life viciously hectic, she manages to read between practice stints on the ramp. She loves reading biographies, above all, and secretly wishes to find a way into those books someday. Reserved though she is, her optimism crosses all barriers.

Name: Samita Subba

Place of birth: Sunsari, Dharan

Date of Birth: 02 October, BS 2085

Ambition in life: to become a development worker

I like: watching television and reading romantic comedies

I hate: no place for hatred in my heart!

Present occupation: Student/ volunteer counsellor for Bal Sangathan Kendra

Hobbies: Reading novels

Favourite Place: Anywhere that I can call home

Idols/heroes: None

Inspiration for becoming a model: Jayant Subba Manandhar

Favourite outfit: Salwaar kameez

Favourite brand/ colour of lipstick: I don’t use lipsticks

Favourite facial: Vatika face pack

Favourite perfume: Too many to name

My Ideal Husband would be: one who’s smart and can keep a little space for myself