Dancing to loktantra beats


In the last month we’ve witnessed ‘loktantra’ become the in vogue word of the nation. Even at a recent book launch, the venue was described as a ‘loktantrik’ one. And May 10 saw ‘loktantra’ entering the dancefloors of our discotheque.

Over a hundred party animals had gathered at Babylon disco to bogey on with this new track in vogue that’s fast catching up with the nightspots in Kathmandu. The party was the first of its kind — its theme being ‘Loktantrik Dance’.

While dancing to the revolutionary numbers, the youngsters also vented off fury against an obsolete regime.

“In order to exercise your freedom, you need to have a full-fledged Loktantra in the nation,” said Suvash Palunga, director of the discotheque.

“Youth have an indomitable power and no autocratic government can fetter their freedom,” said Chandra Bikram Rai, president of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities.